CAS Holds Team Building Session

Newly-appointed Area Chair of Psychology Miss   Merle Salmorin spearheaded the conduct of the Team Building which was   provided for the faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences.   Held last September 1, the professors gathered in a session to renew   their spirit and commitment to the college in particular and to the   institution in general.
“I deeply recognize this activity as a   manifestation of our desire to contribute to the realization of the   vision and mission of the school. It also reenergizes us to gather   strength since a portion of the faculty was taken to form the new   college for hospitality management”, said Atty. Wally Francisco in his   closing remarks. The seminar was conducted with the assistance coming   from Mrs. Tess Tubania (Psychometrician) and Miss Tess Ronquillo   (Guidance Counselor) who served as facilitators.