CAS Week

The College of Arts and Sciences is set the   celebrate CAS Week from February 9-12, 2010.  Bannering the theme   “Excellence Beyond Classroom Experience”, the four-day celebration will   highlight the following activities:

Feb. 9 (Tuesday)           
8:00 am – Eucharistic Celebration (St. Ezekiel Moreno Chapel)
9:00 am – Opening of the Exhibit (Seminar Room)

Feb. 10 (Wednesday)
1:30 pm – Forum with the Presidentiables (College Auditorium)

Feb. 11 (Thursday)
10:00 am – Speech Fest (Little Theater)

Feb. 12 (Friday)
10:30 am – Natural Science Quiz Bee and Trivia (Little Theater)
1:30 pm – Media Literacy with Ms. Chichi Robles (Little Theater)

For further inquiries, call 7348931 loc. 213 or 222.