Natural Science Quiz Bee

By Mrs. Malou Narca

The Natural Science area held its NS Quiz Bee last September 24 at the   HRM Coffee Shop.  Participated by 24 students representing different   courses, the contest was divided in three categories, namely: the easy   round, moderate round, and the difficult round. Ten questions were asked   in the easy round covering the subjects Biology, Chemistry, Earth   Science, Environmental Science and Physics.  The ten contestants were   trimmed down to five as they advance to the difficult round. The said   round concluded with only three contestants who were declared as first,   second, and third placers.  Following were declared winners: Gilbert   Gatdula (BSHRM 3RD Yr)– Champion, Judyleen Iglesias (BSHRM 2nd Yr) –   Second Place, and Joshua Sorreda (ABMC 1ST Yr)-Third Place.    Certificates and cash prizes were awarded by Dean Evelyn V. Enejosa who   was assisted by Miss Cristy tanedo, area chair of Natural Science.