Psychology Students and Faculty Visit the NCMH

By Merle Salmorin

Last September 24, 2008, the area of Pschology held an education trip to   the premier mental health facility of the country, the National Center   for Mental Health (NCMH) in Mandaluyong City.

First year and graduating psychology students joined the trip and were   accompanied by Ms. Ethel Cruz, Ms. Teresa Tubania, Ms. Merle Salmorin,   the area chair,  and the Sebastinian Psychological Society (SPS)   officers led by their president Michael Sarno.  It was a guided tour for   the group to see the different facilities of the center.

Essentially, the tour was meant to make students become familiar with   the whole NCMH set up and see, first hand, the condition of the patients   who are confined in groups and in isolation.  Exposing them to this   scenario made the students realize the importance of hope and courage   being essential attitudes in the practice of their would-be profession.