College of Arts and Sciences Celebrates “KAS Week”

Observing its 11th   College Week, the College of Arts and Sciences jives its celebration   with this a thematic touch,  “KASama sa KASayahan, K.A.S.   Magpakailanman”.

From February 12-14, the three-day affair will include the following activities:

Day 1 Feb. 12 (Monday)
8 am    Eucharistic Celebration (St. Ezekiel Moreno Chapel)
9 am    Opening of Exhibits (3rd Floor, College Building)
1:30 pm  Quiz Challenge (Bar Review Center)

Day 2 Feb. 13 (Tuesday)
9 am     Fun Games (Gym)
1:30 pm  Celebrity Debate (Bar Review Center)

Day 3 Feb. 14 (Wednesday)
9 am  Dance Competition (College Auditorium)
Raffle Draw

The celebration is set to commence on Monday, Feb 12 with a Eucharistic   Celebration to be held at St. Ezekiel Moreno Chapel.  It will conclude   with a Dance Competition and a Raffle Draw that will give away a brand   new  cellphone, MP 3 player, and lots of cellphone loads.